Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Wait a second…

My Aunt Nancy was always great to me growing up. There was one particular afternoon in 1991 where I was just hanging out with my cousins at their house (as my brother and I usually did). My Aunt asked if anyone wanted anything special at the store. My cousin Alan said, “Yeah, could you grab me a pack of Topps please, mom?” She said, “Sure!”, and off she went. We kept playing and a short while later my aunt had returned from the store. She had Topps rack packs for all of us! What a day! Soon, we would rip open our packs to see who we had gotten. In the last stack of my rack pack, I had noticed a weird Keith Comstock card. It wasn’t like the other one I had in my binder at home. I asked everyone if they had pulled a Keith Comstock. My brother said he had one in his pack. He showed me his card, and it wasn’t like the one I had just received in my pack. They all marveled over this card. 

1991 Topps Keith Comstock (Cubs) ERROR #337

By 1991, we had seen a few error cards as kids. Most notably the Fleer Billy Ripken card that we all know about, but this was the first one I actually pulled myself. It was pretty cool! The next day, my brother and I ended up asking my dad if he would take us to the card shop up the road, and he did. I took the Comstock card with me to show the owner. He had no idea there was an error card in that set and even gave me a toploader to put the card in free of charge. While we were there, my brother and I bought a few more 1991 Topps packs for the heck of it. That is when I saw another card that didn’t look like a card I had in my binder at home. I asked the owner if he had any 1991 Topps singles that I could see. He went to the back and pulled out a stack and…YEP! I had another error card, or maybe I had the corrected card, I had no idea at all. It did end up being the error card version though as the person in the photo was not actually Wes Chamberlain, but was a guy named Louie Meadows. Two errors in the same week! 

1991 Topps Wes Chamberlain (Louie Meadows) ERROR #603

So, I looked this set up on tcdb.com and it looks like there are a ton of screw ups with this set. I have a feeling a lot of sets from my childhood had errors that we all had no idea about! Break out those shoe boxes my friends and check out some of your junk wax. You are almost guaranteed to find an error in one of the sets. When was the last time you pulled an error card? What card was it?

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  1. 91' def. had it's share of "slight" variations.

  2. I love that the owner would've given you a toploader for that card. That's definitely something that wouldn't happen in 2024.