Thursday, January 30, 2020

Basebal Misfit Scans

Feels like forever since I posted. I have been really busy getting everything needed in order before my wife, son and I finally move into our forever home. Before I probably go on a few more week hiatus, I figured I would post something that I have seen a few other bloggers post about. People were blogging about the cards they have scanned, but didn't post about for whatever reason. I have a ton of these types of scans, so I figured I would join in on the fun (although I am a little late to the party).

Also, if anyone sees something that they like, it's most likely available for trade.

While going through all my scans, I noticed one thing with my baseball scans....I have a ton of Bowman Chrome. I'd say about 40% of my baseball card scans were of that product, so sorry for the saturation in this post of Bowman Chrome. 

On to the misfits!

1991 Stadium Club Jeff Bagwell RC

1984 Donruss Rated Rookie Tom Dunbar RC In-Person Auto (in blue pen - hard to see)*sadly Mr. Dunbar passed away in 2011..RIP*

1974 Topps Gorman Thomas RC

1976 Topps John Candelaria RC

1979 Topps Pedro Guerrero/Rudy Law/Joe Simpson RC

1997 Bowman Chrome Geoff Goetz RC

1997 Bowman Chrome Luke Wilcox Refractor RC

1998 Bowman Chrome Matt Anderson Refractor RC

2004 Bowman Chrome Matt Moses Blue Refractor RC /290

and finally something I can't believe I never posted since it was a card I wanted so badly and finally received..

1994 SP Derrek Lee Die Cut RC

Thanks for looking at my misfits scans!

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