Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Big Purchases

It will be about 30-45 days from now and my wife, son and I will be moved into our freshly built house. The excitement is growing with each day. I am starting to realize that my higher-end taste in all things sports card related will more than likely have to take a back seat. It's all fine with me. The past few weeks I had been spending a decent amount of money on cardboard, and I was able to cross of a few cards that had been on my wantlist.

These two cards below were two of the higher-end cards that I had been looking for. The first card is of Kailer Yamamoto. He's a 5'8" 160lb. winger for the Edmonton Oilers. I just love this kids game. He plays like he's 6'3" 240lbs. Yamamoto does not shy away from the dirty areas of the ice and will not back down from positioning himself right in front of the net. This kid has the heart of a lion and he's finally up with the big club and starting to produce like the first round draft pick he was. 

The second card was sold to me by a friend in Canada named Grant. Grant is a good dude and he and I have similar interests in hockey cards. He actually gave me a decent deal on this once I showed interest and for that I applaud him. If you haven't heard of Josh Ho-Sang, you can google him and I bet a lot of articles will come up with trade destinations for the young winger. He's a guy you either love or hate. He's been pretty controversial throughout his pro career thus far as he is pretty outspoken and has also done some immature things. So, why do I like him? Well, the kid has silky mitts and a cannon of a shot and is electric when the puck is on his stick. I cannot wait until the Islanders eventually trade him and he earns a consistent spot in the NHL. He's spent most of his career with the New York Islanders AHL affiliate the Bridgeport Sound Tigers. As of today, he's spent a total of 53 games with the Islanders in 5 years. Just trade him already Lou!

With all of this said, I picked up both of these players' best cards...you guessed it, their Cup Black 1/1 Rookies. 

I'm proud to present:

2017/18 UD The Cup Kailer Yamamoto & Josh Ho-Sang Cup Black Auto 1/1 Rookies!

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  1. Awesome 1 of 1s! If you're going to go high-end its a good idea to invest in guys with upside like these two. I wouldn't mind it if the Devils took a flier on Ho-Sang, assuming Lou would trade him to a rival.

    Best of luck with the new home!