Thursday, September 17, 2015

A little introduction..

Hello all, my name is Bryan. I'm from a suburban town in Pennsylvania. I began card collecting in 1986. I always enjoyed opening packs and reading the backs of the cards to know a little bit about each player who's photo was on the front. My parents actually told me they encouraged my card collecting because it was helping me learn to read. Ever since 1987, I have been hooked on cardboard (with a little bit of off and on collecting in my 20's - when girls were more important). Mainly the cards that I collect are certain cards that I have had in the past that just brought me fond memories, cards I wanted as a kid, but could never afford, and also a high end item which is UD The Cup Black 1/1 RC's (when I can afford them). I hope if you stumble across this little blog of mine, you will enjoy each story behind the cards being shown and will stop back for future posts of mine.

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