Thursday, September 17, 2015

How I got hooked on cardboard

Have you ever looked back and wondered what exact card or set jump started your sports card collecting? For me, I never really imagined that sports cards were worth anything until I was about 8 years old. My parents friends had 3 boys that were near the age of my brother and I and we would venture over to their house about twice a month. They always had the coolest toys and the oldest son (who was about 12 or 13), had a massive sports card collection. He would show me all the coolest cards and I was enamored by the Action Packed brand. One time, we were over their house for the oldest sons birthday party and he received 2 boxes of 1991 Action Packed Rookie Update. I think this was the first time that I realized you could actually purchase an entire box of sports cards. After the party was over, my parents stayed to hang out with his parents and he asked me if I wanted to help him open the packs. Ummm…..YES! This was the first time I had heard about the player Todd Marinovich (yeah, that guy). When he opened the 2nd or 3rd pack he let out a "YES!!" and he showed me a Todd Marinovich rookie card. He gave me a little info on the player and from his excitement, I figured he was the "next big thing". After opening the 2 boxes, I think he had a complete set and even pulled a Ronnie Lott 24kt Gold card. He told me that it was worth "big money". Some time went by and those Action Packed cards were still on my mind, and when I was with my dad one day at a Dunham's Sporting Goods store, I spotted a box. So, I grabbed a pack out and begged and pleaded for my dad to buy me this 1 pack of football cards. My brother even chimed in and had my back and my dad finally caved. I couldn't wait to rip that pack open to see what was inside. The moment that car door was shut and I was buckled in, it was "go time"! I ripped right into that pack and I am pretty sure it was second card from the end of the pack, there it was....the Todd Marinovich 24kt Gold Rookie Card you see below. I am happy to say even after a purge of most of my collection back in the early 2000's (to assist in the purchase of my first house), I hung on to this card. I still love it. This was the card that got me hooked and also the card that made me realize that cards were worth money. The next week, I remember bringing the card to show my parents friends oldest son and it was met with an instant trade request. He was going to trade me a full set of Donruss cards and a Mark Rypien rookie that I was interested in, but I didn't budge because I remember him saying that his Ronnie Lott was worth "big money" and Marinovich was "the next big thing". Well, as the time passed, Marinovich turned into a complete bust, but somehow this card still remains a special card to me. This card is the one that got me hooked and started My Cardboard Life. Enjoy.

1991 Action Packed 24kt Gold Todd Marinovich Rookie Card #23G

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