Friday, September 18, 2015

Bustin' Packs

I abandoned baseball cards early in my life for hockey cards and eventually football cards. The last of my baseball collecting came in 1993. The set that I most enjoyed from 1993 was definitely Bowman. I decided to purchase a 3 pack lot of jumbo packs from 1993 Bowman. I was really excited when they arrived.

1993 Bowman Baseball 3 Jumbo Packs

  • 23 Cards per pack
  • 2 Foil cards per pack
  • Loaded with rookies
  • Look for Derek Jeter's Bowman RC
Here is what a base card looks like. I picked this card to show off Gregg Olson's sweet handlebar mustache. He looks boss in this photo. I also remember Olson as being a big deal in 1989 and trading for a few of his cards with my neighbors



Now looking at the cards in 2015, I'm not so keen on the design as I once was as a kid. Below are the foil cards from my packs...sad break to tell you the truth. The rookies I received were not very good. I think the best one was Joe Randa.

Probably the best card overall was the Manny Ramirez foil. The foil cards have sort of a rainbow colored foil border and really didn't impress me like it did in 1993. Overall, it was a fun break, but not something I would do again. Luckily I didn't pay over $8 shipped for the packs.

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