Friday, September 18, 2015


Before posting the loot from my mailbag, I find myself lately gravitating towards cards from the 90's. I have no clue why...maybe nostalgia is getting the best of me? Now that I'm older, I think it's interesting picking up cards I either couldn't afford or could never pull in packs. Part of the mail you will see below falls in that category....well onto the mail!

This first card I have been looking for, for some time. I actually lost 3 auctions for this card within the past 2 years and when I saw another one listed, I wasn't going to let it slip through my hands a 4th time. I used to break a lot of this product back in 1995. A drug store retailer near my house carried this product and at $1.79 a pack back then. It took me a while, but I had pulled a rookie (finally!). Although, it was not the rookie I was looking for...I mean, who the heck is Jimmy Oliver anyway? I was looking for Ki-Jana Carter (I live in Pennsylvania and he was a star at PSU). Anyways, I have always wanted this card, but in parallel form. It was listed and I made sure I won (and at a fantastic price I might add)....below you can see the card in all it's glory:

1995 Sport Flix Ki-Jana Carter Artist's Proof Rookie Card Parallel #119
Next, I'm going to take you back to the same year (1995). My favorite local card shop (which is now closed up), had a new product on it's shelves. The owner told me that the cards were shiny and he showed me a few. I thought "SWEET"...I was in awe of this set back then. The $4.99 price tag per pack was steep (remember this is 1995), but I ended up buying a few. I got the card I wanted in the packs (Terrell Davis RC). There were also some pretty sweet parallels in this set (Mirror Gold) that are actually priced quite reasonably, so I decided to purchase a couple for my nostalgia collection. Of course I had to grab Ki-Jana!

1995 Select Certified Ki-Jana Carter & Joey Galloway Mirror Gold Rookie Card Parallels 
To wrap up the mailbag portion of the blog, I was glancing at my old photobucket from when I was really into hockey card collecting in 2003 and saw some of the rare cards I had pulled, but either traded or sold. One in particular caught my eye and had me wanting to look to see if another one was on eBay. I added the search to my "followed" searches on My eBay and let it ride for a while. Months had passed and still nothing had come up in my followed searches for this card. I thought about giving up to be honest, but let it ride a little bit longer. One night, I was working late in the office and I had finally finished what I was doing and decided to call it day. I was walking to my truck and my phone went off with some weird noise. There it was, someone had listed one. Without hesitation, I hit the Buy It Now button (and the price was less than $10!!). When I received the card, it was the same exact serial # as the card I had traded away years before. How crazy is that? So, the card I pulled back in 2003 is now back in my collection and I believe it's here for good. This set has is near impossible to have a card without chipping, but it doesn't matter to me.



2003/04 Upper Deck Young Guns Tim Gleason High Gloss HG Rookie Card Parallel 7/10

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